Tailorable Multichannel High Efficiency LED grow lighting System


Hard light bars are suitable for close-range, large-area illumination scenes, such as tissue culture rack, three-dimensional planting plant factory or other three-dimensional planting applications.


Intelligent control: Controlled by mobile phone application software, the lamp can change the light quality and light intensity to meet the needs of different growth stages of different plants;

Intelligent adjustment: Through innovative methods to sense the change of the number of light bars, the drive output is adjustable intelligently according to the change of the light bar without affecting the light intensity and light quality. The number of light bars can be fully adapted from one light bar to the maximum power. Simply turn the light bar on or off according to the needs of use, and re-power it, it is very simple to use;

Constant current drive: Compared with the traditional constant voltage drive + resistor current limiting method, the efficiency is increased by 30%, and the heat generation and fault points are reduced, so that the reliability is improved;

Stepless adjustment: ZPDC802 has two independent output channels, which can drive full red and full blue respectively to maximize the light quality, and can also be connected to the lamp bead mixed assembled light board; through the MODBUS bus, a large illumination system can be set up;

Safe and reliable: ZPDB802 uses a safe voltage of 48VDC, which is harmless to the human body.