Intelligent Temperature Control System

Feature of Intelligent Temperature Control System

Control Preset:The expected temperature control curve is built into the embedded controller of the system through the mobile application software. The controller works autonomously according to the requirements of this strategy, and is driven by time, through the control algorithm, the system can simulate daily changes and seasonal changes. Together with other elements, together form a complete artificial environment control system.    

Wide range of interfaces:Provides wired and wireless interfaces, which are connected to the upper control system by wire, and can also accept instructions from mobile application software. When the command input is completed, the temperature control system can be running independently, no longer relying on the upper control system or mobile application software.   

Remote control:Control multiple-type air conditioners by remote control, or control the air conditioners with control interfaces or other associated temperature control devices in a wired mode.     

Natural coordination: Controls the temperature control equipment according to local conditions, allowing the system to operate at the lowest energy cost while making full use of natural energy.