Plant Factory Environmental Control System

Integrated System

The plant factory is the essence of facility agriculture, which provides a fully artificially controlled environment, so that the planting and cultivation of plants can achieve the highest social and economic benefits. The ZSP Plant Factory Environmental Control System is an intelligent facility agricultural environment control system based on embedded, IoT, big data, intelligent control and differentiated control technologies with complete intellectual property rights. ZSP plant factory can provide tailor-made solutions and equipment to all kinds of users.

The ZSP plant factory solution is divided into multiple subsystems, each of which can be selected on demand and deployed independently.

System Features

Dynamic Configuration 

Any control parameters of all models are dynamically configurable, which can dynamically meet different growth processes of different plants, simplify equipment management and improve equipment utilization;

Highly Intelligent

It can replace manual labor, effectively reduce the demand for labor, and continuously reduce the rising labor costs in the production process;

Independent Environmental Control

It can be partitioned according to production needs at any time, control the environment independently, meet the needs of planting different kinds of stubble and variety crops at the same time, and can quickly respond to market changes and produce the most economically valuable crops of the moment;

Stable and


It adopts centralized management and decentralized control system architecture, with high management efficiency, operational reliability and stability. Long-term network interruption and short-time bus signal interruption will not affect the output of the system;


According to customer needs, from the small micro system containing only a few fill lights to the complex giant system containing all environmental control factors and hundreds of thousands of devices, the ZSP plant factory system has a high degree of tailorability;

Environmental Adaptation

The system has a high degree of environmental adaptability. It can adapt to the local natural conditions and maximize the use of free natural resources to maintain system operation and control production costs;

Open bus

Easy to integrate with other systems.

System Application 


The plant factory is the most efficient and flexible method in current agricultural production. It is the essence of facility agriculture and solves many problems in agricultural production. From the current trend, plant factory will be promoted and applied globally as a new production method;

Scientific Research

In a completely artificially controlled environment, make the crops grow according to the user's expectation. This research will be strengthened with the prominent population and food problems. Both the research unit and the agricultural technology company with certain strength will invest in plant factory;


Plant factory offer many possibilities for crop growth, helping customers achieve unprecedented sensory phenomena and goals, increasing popularity and generating more benefits;


Observing the growth process of crops from primary and secondary schools, exploring the mysteries of life, and providing experimental environments for teachers and students in university laboratories, all need the support of plant factory or its subsystems.