Use switching power supply isolated from mains, no risk of electric shock;

IP66 waterproof rate, is suitable under extreme condition;

A variety of light distribution design, through secondary light distribution, lamps can meet the needs of more application scenarios;

Customizable combination of spectrum, fit for the growth needs for more crops.

Modular design, multiple power options;

Adapt to more use occasions;

Finned fanless design for greater heat dissipation and higher reliability

With no phosphor design, the light emitted by the semiconductor reaches the crop, and the effect is more obvious;


Large-scale greenhouse lighting production;

Plant wall lighting;

Research on plant lighting;

Microbial cultivation;

Other applications that affect biological life activities.


Power 300 W
100-240 V 2.4 A 50/60Hz
277 V 0.9A 50/60Hz

277 V for North America only

Maximum Voltage: 60 V
Maximum Current:5.55 A
Max. Power:200 W
Default Current:3.5 A


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