Who we are

ZSP Technology, short as ZSP, takes the meaning of Zealous, Smart and Popular, is a Hi-tech corporation in advanced facility agriculture, include plant factory, horticulture and indoor plant grow.
Like many successful company in this world is famous for its fantastic products and solution, and ZSP will be one of them. It's with this vision that ZSP was founded years ago and has been focusing on R&D and innovation ever since.

What we do

ZSP Tech focuses on the research of light spectrum ranging from 180nm to 1000nm, develops products such as remote control LED grow light system, light controller, temperature/ humidity sensor, ventilation and purification device and other system for commercial green house and plant research center.

How we differ

RD strength -is very important for good products, that's why we cooperate with Agriculture Universities and Government Research Center here for plant growth analysis. With these research and tests, we know exactly what the plants need in each growth stage.


Quality -somebody say quality means as long as it works, but ZSP is chasing for more, we define it as working WELL like new during its lifespan. To make sure this, we do the tests for each new product in our lab for a long time before it is finally released to the market.


Patent -So far a number of patents have been owned by ZSP, and yet there are more coming, both Invention Patents and Utility Model Patents.


Zealous -all staff here are always positive to solve your problems with tailored solutions before and after sales, including products customization via OEM and ODM.


Smart -Each item built here is supposed to make your plants grow easier, with plug and play installation as well as remote control in your PC and Cell phone.


Popular-With the mission to provide the best products and services to the world, we believe ZSP products will becoming more and more popular.